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Benefits of Entrepreneurship

  • FREEDOM - Run your company from anywhere in the world.

  • TIME - Set your own hours. Create your own weekends.

  • MONEY - Make more money than any RN ever could.

  • OWNERSHIP - You're the boss! No managers, floats, or BS.

What you get...




Simple Business Lessons

  • Focused on beginners with no biz or tech background
  • From brainstorming all the way to becoming a full-time entrepreneur
  • Streamlined with no fluff and optimized for nurses.

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40% of Nurses are Burnt-Out

There are nearly 20 million nurses around the world and we all share an inexplicable bond.

Like it or not, we are all one big family.

That’s because no one else understands what nurses do everyday. We may vent to our husbands, wives, and friends everyday, but they don’t know what it’s like to have an emergency be an actual emergency. No matter how hard someone tries, they don’t know what it’s like to sprint around the unit, skip lunch, and not use the bathroom while literally saving someone’s life in a broken medical system that seems to work against us at every turn. They've also never had the satisfaction of knowing that no matter what you do with the rest of your week, you've undeniably made someone's life better.

However, burnout happens because the joys of nursing can be overshadowed by hard assignments and the daily injustices that make up hospital life. There's no shame in wanting to leave, because nursing is hard. I know because I am a nurse too. At a certain point, we have to be fair to ourselves and make a change . That might be moving to a clinic or going back to school to become a nurse practitioner. But before you take on those student loans or give up your gig at the hospital, take a look at becoming a nurse entrepreneur.

The qualities that make strong nurses also make amazing entrepreneurs. That’s why there's a new wave of nurse entrepreneurs that's rapidly growing around the country. I was able to start my business while working three shifts a week, which eventually led me to leaving the bedside, doubling my salary, and backpacking around the world. I'm incredibly happy that I made the plunge into entrepreneurship and am excited to share how any nurse can do the same.

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What You Need:

  • A computer with an internet connection.
  • The drive to become a nurse entrepreneur and take control of your life, schedule, and finances.
  • ...and all the resources here at The Nurse Startup ☺

What You DON'T Need:

  • A Bunch of Money - Start your business for under $300.
  • Programming/Design Skills - Get professional results with simple tools.
  • Something to Sell - Discover how to brainstorm awesome ideas.

Message: Brian Park, RN | Founder

I want to show nurses how to get the lives they deserve!  Entrepreneurship is an amazing career path because it gives you control over where and how you make your money.  You're no longer tethered to a place (the hospital) or schedule (three 12-hour shifts/week).  Basically, you're free to do whatever YOU want to do.  Now, let me be clear, it's not all kittens and rock 'n' roll.  You still have to do real work.  (Although I'm guessing most nurses won't have a problem with that.)  I still get stressed when $300,000 of products get lost in transit for two months and yell at my computer screen when customers blame me for weather-related shipping delays... BUT IT'S WORTH IT!  I've run various businesses while backpacking around the world, bought/renovated buildings, taken a solo multi-month roadtrips around the country, and have had the free time to pursue more passion projects than I thought possible in one lifetime.

I have just one disclaimer before you sign-up: This is NOT a "get rich quick scheme". The Nurse Startup's program requires dedication to be successful.  There are no free lunches.  With that being said, I promise that you'll fall in love with entrepreneurship by the end of this program.

You will be in direct contact with me while you make your way through this coarse.  I look forward to being a part of your new entrepreneurial journey!

Stay awesome,

- Brian

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